Hi, I’m Sarah, and this is my site. I created it because of my love of cheerleading, and to help fund my cheer bow habit! Oh yeah, also to give my Dad something to do while he recovers from his recent neck surgery. (don’t tell anybody, but he actually helps make these beautiful bows!). I’m a competitive cheerleader, (flyer oh yeah!), awesome big sister, and all-around girly-girl. I really hope you like my site, we put lots of work into it, and still have a lot more to do!  So have a look around, check out the color options, and by all means leave me a comment or send me an email telling me anything you’d like to see, or any custom requests you’d like to make. We’ll do our best to do anything that’ll make you a happy customer!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah it’s your cousin Sydney. I love your cheer bows!!!!! I’m doing cheer to! I had competition yesterday and we won 1st! I am a front spot. It must be really hard to be a flyer and its very hard to be a front spot.(no kidding) I love the candy corn bow! It’s my absolute favorite!! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

    Love your cousin,
    Sydney ✌

  2. hey syd!! and yeah i heard you do cheer! thats great! and wow a front spot must be hard! thats great that you won! good job! well, i hope you enjoy the website!
    love you always!

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